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With the NFT space gradually maturing, the competition for the prime domain real estate is still hot despite a colder winter. Projects that launched on whatever domain was available at the time are now upgrading to stronger domains with wider traction. This makes sense. For big growth to occur, you must think big — and take any edge available to you.
Branding off a slick dot com is one such edge — and could cut you away from the pack when spreading the word or pitching your deck.

In fact, even once financial backing is secured, funding agreements often stipulate that the early stage firm must use a .com domain as their home. It’s tried, it’s trusted, it’s a safe bet — with little risk and high potential reward

Asset Upside

It’s a smart way of converting financial gains into a different class of digital asset — that you get to put to work for you. Strategically purchasing a desirable domain in a growing industry is like acquiring a beautiful house in an up-and-coming neighbourhood. You get to reap the benefits now and later. is one such asset. It’s super compact, composed of two very short words. It’s in dot com and it is flexible. Like that beautiful house, it gives you options. You could rent it out, or you could set yourself up there and benefit that way.

But barring the collapses and erasure of the market or your own personal financial collapse, it’s hard to see how you can lose on that particular purchase. Even broken down into its composite parts and measured by level of rarity, it is clear that a clean, beautifully pronounceable dot com domain that can be used in so many ways, yet uses just five pretty little premium letters, is likely to continue to be a sought-after digital asset. can be made available with an optional package of alternative brands and variations (e.g., likely of use to the future owner of the raw, unfiltered version of this potent brand. Helping to bolster brand equity by closing down viable ways into the branding space.

Extras:Logo. &

Touchwords:Versatile. Vibrant. Viable.

Divergent Use Cases

Regarding potential use cases, here, too, would appear to present multiple options, ranging from the commercial to the creative — and in between. We put forward below an example for each of these three use case scenarios, to illustrate how flexible yet consistently strong NFTby can be as a brand.

The creative route

Or perhaps you would have as a directory for keeping track of all the top NFT creators? And for charting the myriad individual NFTs and projects produced. Nascent as it is, the NFT space has yet to find its Record Collector magazine. In this incarnation, the destiny of is as the definitive space that provides comprehensive sales and trading volume stats, but also tracks in detail the specific variations and limited editions being minted by creators great and small.

While also providing insight into industry trends and the movers and shakers at the centre of proceedngs. Issuing daily newsletters and carrying high-quality articles on the NFT space. With the long-term offering falling somewhere between a hangout place for all levels of NFT fan and a trade magazine.

The commercial route

Would you feel comfortable visiting a neat and efficient NFT exchange named Surely so. In fact, it’d be more memorable and attractive for newcomers to the space than most existing exchanges. An important aspect when you consider how seriously early on we are in the path of the NFT industry. Even if you only just heard about NFTs today, you are still ahead of 95% of the population.

Yet, it is estimated that by 2030, the NFT industry will be worth in excess of USD 200 billion. Pitching your offering via a trustworthy gatekeeper brand like will thus pay off multifold. Allowing you to ride the tradewinds and usher in progressive waves of new users as NFTs approach and pass the point of critical mass.

The suave, seamless way in which NFTby imparts this commercial connotation of product and purchase (NFT & by) means it will remain highly brandable for many years to come. And not become unwieldy or dull as a brand, or suffer from ‘wear through’, with no need to worry about overtly functional phrasing shining through your identity.

The creative-commercial route

Don’t you think that is surely the perfect introduction to new pieces from the ever-growing pool of NFT creators out there? NFT by ____? You can also sell NFTs here, but the positioning is creator-centric. It is set out as a place where emerging creators can present their wares directly to a captive audience, and hopefully bump into the highest bidder. And because this grassroots approach resonates with creators, the brightest lights among them will gravitate to the Building a vibrant community of users.

With buyers and traders feeling that the site is thus a place where you can engage further with the space but also discover real gems and score big wins financially.

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